Trump's own press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, called him out on 'racist statements' saying he wasn't a 'serious candidate' in resurfaced footage

The Trump administration’s revolving door policy has led to a lot of interesting characters in the White House.

He's had lot of turnover in his communications team – with Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other controversial figures leaving in the last three years. But his most recent hire, Kayleigh McEnany, has previously criticised Trump’s remarks, calling them racist and not American.

McEnany is now the White House Press Secretary, a role she took on in early April.

At the time that she made those remarks, she was a student at Harvard Law School and a commentator on TV panels.

She called him "inauthentic" and "not a Republican" in a series of panels on CNN and Fox.

Resurfaced footage compiled by CNN shows her making several similar remarks throughout the beginning of his presidential campaign.

In 2015, McEnany said that Trump’s remarks about Mexican people, which he made at the beginning of his campaign, were racist and that she didn’t agree with them. She said, “I don’t like what Donald Trump said.”

Throughout the beginning of 2015, she continued to appear on panels on Fox Business and CNN – several times, she made remarks critical of Trump’s campaign, and suggested that he needed to apologise for what he had said.

Multiple times, she referred to his comments on immigration as being inappropriate and suggested that it wasn’t in line with what Republicans actually thought.

McEnany did say that she appreciated his boldness, but thought he was a "showman" and "not a serious candidate". She also said in another panel appearance that she doesn’t "want to claim this guy".

However, by July and August 2015, she started to defend Trump during TV appearances. She defended his earlier comments about Mexican people, and said that he was doing well because people were tired of living in a society that was politically correct.

McEnany may have done so because his campaign was starting to do well in primary polling, and larger numbers of the Republican party were starting to declare their support for him.

She has since worked for the Republican National Committee and the 2020 Trump re-election campaign, before becoming the White House Press Secretary.

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