President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign is heating up.

Sadly, the one thing more certain than tweets, lies and tweets containing lies during a Trump campaign is rallies, lots of rallies.

Trump is known for making completely bizarre claims at his rallies and hyping his supporters up to do and say horrendous things. Remember all those clips of his supporters assaulting hecklers? Or abusing the media? Or chanting “send her back”?

This time, an alleged Trump supporter has been filmed assaulting an anti-Trump peaceful protestor outside his latest rally in Ohio.

The clip shows a man in who is alleged to be a Trump supporter leaping out of his truck to attack another man. It has been claimed on Twitter that the man in green is a Trump supporter and the victim is a peaceful protestor.

After a member of law enforcement broke up the fight, it has been claimed that the alleged Trump supporter was arrested outside Trump’s latest rally.

People on Twitter reacted strongly to the clip, expressing disgust and dismay.

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