Donald Trump insists he runs the White House - and his staff - like a well-oiled machine, saying that nobody "disobeys" his "orders".

The US president addressed journalists in front of the White House during its annual Easter Egg roll. He said:

Nobody disobeys my orders.

Trump's comments come after the Mueller report claimed staff refused to fire the special counsel, including former White House counsel Don McGahn who declining to follow orders to have the special counsel removed.

As always with Trump's posturing hyperbole, the world sniggered

Mostly because what he said is quite clearly untrue.

Like, it's really untrue

'He sounds like a dictator'

Maybe the Easter address wasn't the time...


There have been multiple times staff in the White House have disobeyed Trump; Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused to un-recuse himself in the Russia investigation, and Department of Homeland Security head Kirstjen Nielsen refused to close the southern border.

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