Trump claimed you 'can't see' stealth planes during his G20 press conference

During his press conference in at the G20 Summit, Donald Trump once again revealed that he thinks stealth planes are literally invisible.

With tensions between the United States and Iran heightening, the president confirmed that F-22 stealth fighters will be deployed to Qatar.

The US has not confirmed how many jets will be sent to the Middle East, but Trump may be disappointed to learn what the actual capabilities of a stealth fighter are, as he seems to think that they are literally invisible.

This is far from the first time that Trump has tried to claim that stealth planes are invisible. At several points throughout his presidency, he has made this wild point which seems to be based on a pure misunderstanding of the word 'stealth'.

As you can imagine, his latest blunder has seen him widely mocked for just being so ignorant and, yes, there were plenty of Wonder Woman jokes.

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