Trump's press secretary gets owned by CNN after attempting to criticise them for a mistake

Trump's press secretary gets owned by CNN after attempting to criticise them for a mistake

Donald Trump's press secretary, Stephanie Grisham has been left licking her proverbial wounds after CNN clapped back at her after she attempted to criticise the network for making a mistake in one of their stories.

Grisham, who replaced Sarah Sanders as White House press secretary in July, hit out at the network after the accidentally labeled the state of Alabama as Mississipi during a report on Hurricane Dorian.

Taking to Twitter the 42-year-old wrote

Hi CNN, I know you guys are busy analysing lines on a map, but perhaps you use your time to study up on US geography?

This is in obvious retaliation to Trump being heavily criticised by the media after falsely claiming that Alabama was going to be hit by the hurricane, despite no reports of the storm coming anywhere near the southern state.

Trump was then later accused of altering a weather forecast map of the storm where he had appeared to have added an extra area to the map to show that Dorian would hit Alabama.

The president then attempted to call the media out with another map to try and prove that his information on Dorian effecting Alabama was correct.

Anyway, back to the original story and just a few hours after she posted the tweet, Grisham would have probably been regretting it.

In reply, CNN not only apologised for the mistake but also called the press secretary out for the various errors that the administration has made since 2017 and never corrected.

CNN Communications wrote:

Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, we made a mistake (which we fixed in less than 30 seconds). And now we are admitting it. You all should try it sometime.

People soon picked up on CNN's reply to Grisham and at the time of writing has already received more than 7,000 retweets and 40,000 likes.

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