To say that the Trump impeachment trial didn't achieve its goal would be a bit of an understatement.

Trump is still the president, no witnesses were called to testify and his supporters still believe that he didn't commit any crimes.

The first two are almost believable given the situation in the US senate but the latter has to be the most eye-opening given the overwhelming evidence that exists against the president.

Sadly it is true as Trump supporters are still blindly accepting that their president did absolutely nothing wrong when he asked Ukrainian officials for information on one of his political opponents that could affect the 2020 election.

To test just how loyal they are, The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper travelled to a recent Trump rally to see if his fans agreed if the president was guilty of anything. Their answers were disappointingly predictable.

One man in an oversized MAGA hat attempts to give an explanation but quickly gives up.

There is no crime that he has been accused of. They have not made an accusation or bought...a penial code...yeah.

A woman who seems unaware that witnesses were stopped from testifying said:

You can tell that he hasn't done anything wrong just by his demeanour. He would be trying to hide things.

He's saying let them saying anything. I'll prove whatever you want me to prove. 

When she is informed that witnesses were blocked she says:

I don't care. Wasn't Obama blocking people from finding his birth certificate?

Another man believed that the Democrats would impeach Trump for five more years if they could and the president had thick skin and that he 'liked his tweetings.'

Then a younger Trump supporter says that the only people now standing in Trump's way are other Republican's trying to get elected and then agrees with Klepper who jokes that Trump has turned the presidency into a dictatorship.

Oh boy!

You can watch the full segment in the video below.

HT The Daily Show

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