Donald Trump was even more disgusted with his morning copy of The New York Times than usual on Wednesday when he sat up in bed to read the newspaper had got hold of copies of his income tax returns from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.

The Times - a regular thorn in the president's side that he has previously branded an "enemy of the people" - reported Trump had lost a whopping $1.17bn (£897m) over the ten-year period on real estate ventures and other speculations, making a nonsense of his claim to be a business guru, an image perpetuated by his long-running stint hosting The Apprentice.

After spitting out his coffee in fury, the president took to Twitter to label the report, without denying it, "a highly inaccurate Fake News hit job!"

If you were wondering exactly how the president lost so many fistfuls of cash, here's a handy year-by-year breakdown.

Donald Trump's total tax loses between 1985 and 1994Donald Trump's total tax loses between 1985 and 1994

Wednesday's story also made interesting reading for Democrats in Washington, who are currently battling Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin to obtain the president's more recent returns.

They want to know what, if anything, he's been hiding between 2013 and 2018 and are currently pondering whether to take legal action against the administration to force Mnuchin's hand after he point blank refused to comply with their request.

Trump himself insists he would release the records himself willingly but can't because he's "under audit" by the Internal Revenue Service.

Even if this were true, there is nothing in US law to prevent him doing so if he wanted to.

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