Donald Trump's much-coveted tax returns have now reportedly been revealed thanks to records obtained by The New York Times and they don't make for good reading for the president.

The records allegedly show that between the years of 1985 and 1994, Trump's total losses for the decade totalled at $1.17 billion, meaning that he paid no tax for eight of those ten years because he lost so much.

Trump's major losses came from his investments in real estate, hotels, casinos and retail apartments spaces within his own buildings.

Trump's reported losses equated to more than any American tax-payer had lost for that period which is alarming considering the presidents constant boasts about his business and financial acumen.

Unfortunately for Democrats however, the tax returns that have been released do not cover the years of interest that they have demanded to see.

Democrats are specifically calling to see his dealings in the past six years to see if Donald Trump received funding from foreign sources which may have significantly helped during his 2016 election run.

The president is yet to respond to the findings but his lawyer has called the information provided to the New York Times 'demonstrably false' and 'highly inaccurate'. Interestingly the lawyer stopped short of explaining exactly what was wrong with the reported information.

As expected critics of the president were far from sympathetic upon discovering he'd lost such a colossal amount of money

Of course, there were a few jokes.

Maybe, Trump, should, you know...release his taxes?

Of course, Hillary called it and it's hardly new news.

These findings are unlikely to sway any Trump voters in their support of the president but one question remains; 'how did he survive financially after 1994?' Probably by hosting The Apprentice, right?

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