Midterm elections: Trump's old tweets about Ted Cruz have come back to haunt him

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On Friday night, President Donald Trump vowed to hold a huge rally for Sen. Ted Cruz in October for the midterm elections.

Cruz, who ran against Trump for the Republican presidential candidate in 2016 hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with the POTUS but Trump is promising to pull out all the stops for his political colleague.

In a tweet, Trump said he would hold the rally in 'the biggest stadium in Texas' and that Cruz has his 'complete and total endorsement.'

Trump has adopted a strong agenda in recent months to endorse Republicans whose seats at the Senate might be under threat.

Cruz is running against Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke and early polls suggest that it will be a tightly run race.

Given Trump's fondness of rallies, Cruz will probably be thankful to have the backing of the President. Yet, he probably hasn't forgotten what he said about him back in 2016.

Old tweets that Trump posted around the time of the election have begun to resurface and let's just say that they aren't exactly flattering.

One of the earlier tweets about Cruz seems Trump ponder why Texans would vote for Cruz as he has "accomplished absolutely nothing for them."

Another tweet from February 2016 saw Trump attack Cruz for being Canadian and once again questioned why Texans would vote for him given his origins.

In several tweets after that, he accused Cruz of lying and once claimed that he was "killing our country on trade."

On May 4 he said that Cruz had gone "wacko" and couldn't "function under pressure."

When Cruz was finally out of the running for the presidency, Trump couldn't contain his glee.

Trump had previously threatened to "spill the beans" on Cruz's wife after Melania Trump was featured in one of his opponent's campaign adverts and also implicated Cruz's father as being involved in the JFK assassination.

There are many more tweets from the period where Trump criticises Cruz but the recent change of tone has startled some who have begun to share the tweets again, with some even tagging Cruz in their posts.

Despite all this Cruz has seemingly welcomed the endorsement from the president.

Yet, some have accused Cruz of showing no resilience against Trump as he attempts to stay in office.

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