27 of the best reactions to Trump's humiliating half-empty campaign rally in Tulsa

If you hadn’t heard already, you’ll probably know by now that Trump's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a total disaster.

Despite the fact that his rambling speech was actually… kinda boring… the biggest mess of Trump’s rally was the fact that so few people turned up.

The Bok Centre, which has a capacity of just under 20,000, and there were plenty of photos of empty seats in the crowd. This was even more cringeworthy because both Trump's campaign manager Brad Parscale and his press secretary Kayleigh McEnany had bragged that they had received more than one million requests for tickets.

So what happened?

It’s been suggested on social media that Trump's team were fooled by teenagers on TikTok and K-pop fans who were mocking the president by reserving tickets for themselves but had no intention of turning up.

They’ve also tried so blame the lack of attendance on counter-protesters outside the venue, but seeing as there’s long been protests outside Trump rallies this doesn’t exactly seem like a great excuse. So, bizarrely (even for 2020) it seems that teen K-pop stans have delivered a huge blow to the president of the United States.

What are people saying about it?

Naturally there's been lots of reaction to Trump's big fail.

Pink, who played the Bok Centre in 2018, claimed that she sold out the venue in just under five minutes. Jack Antonoff said the same about Carly Rae Jepsen and others shared images from a Lorde and Christina Aguilera concert in the same arena.

The news that K-pop fans might have dealt a major blow to Trump's ego has shocked the internet.

CNN reports that TikTok user Mary Jo Laupp started this campaign after she posted a video encouraging people to get tickets and leave Trump alone in the arena. Images and videos have since appeared online from teenagers who claimed to have had tickets to the rally confirmed with no intention of actually attending.

Trump's campaign manager got a bit defensive and tried to say that protesters outside the building put people off attending.

But so far we've not heard anything from Trump himself. Apparently he's 'furious', though, and so is Ivanka, so we're sure some tweets will soon follow...

There's also the fact that there was unlimited registration for the rally so perhaps people just... didn't turn up?

That'll terrify Trump more than anything.

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