Trump's latest typo has become a hilarious meme

Trump's latest typo has become a hilarious meme

In the grand scheme of Donald Trump spelling mistakes, his latest isn't *that* bad, but regardless people are living for it.

It all started when the president denied claims by The New York Times that he's made absurd remarks around border control, including shooting migrants in the legs and creating a moat filled with snakes or alligators.

But in his "fake news!" frenzy, Trump referred to it as a "moot" rather than a "moat", and for some reason, it's just quite hilarious.

He has of course since deleted the tweet, but plenty of people kept receipts.

To be fair, everyone was kind ofmaking the same joke:

Until this guy came along...

Many pointed out there are even more ridiculous examples:

Trump's typos and curious writing choices have long been a source of ridicule.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes, but given he's the president of the United States, one would think he might consider springing for a proofreader...

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