People don't often hesitate to point out when the Trump family are twisting the truth, and this latest incident is no exception.

Lara Trump, the president's daughter-in-law and wife of Eric Trump, took to Twitter to post a photo of a map that shows basically the entire country coloured in red.

The map has "try to impeach this" pasted over the top of the map to own the libs.

Of course, people on Twitter quite quickly pointed out the truth – first of all, that Trump lost the popular vote. Nixon, on the other hand, took 60.1 per cent of the popular vote, but still resigned before the House could finish impeaching him.

"Look, he had a pretty map too! Even redder than Trump's!" said one user.

Others posted illustrations of her father-in-law in prison, while many just pointed out the fact that a lot of the "red" in the middle of the country is actually...not populated by people at all.

A few other users pointed out the differences between Nixon and Trump – one said, "Nixon had principles, a sliver of morals, and the ability to feel shame. He also didn’t have Fox News."

Lara hasn't yet responded to backlash. But to be honest, if you were a member of the Trump family, wouldn't you have your notifications turned off?

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