A few months ago you might recall a video of Donald Trump go viral where he appeared to have a considerable amount of trouble with an umbrella.

The bizarre moment was one of the weirdest moments of Trump's presidency so far but, let's be honest, everyone has had trouble with a brolly in high winds.

We would be willing to give Trump a free pass on this if it were a one-off, but a new video would suggest that it's something he does all the time.

Shortly before boarding Air Force One to embark on a trip to a Republican fundraiser in Beverley Hills, as well as a convenient trip to the border, Trump scaled the steps to the plane with a large black umbrella in hand, shielding himself from the rain.

This time rather than idly leaving the umbrella on the floor, he handed it off to someone who was just inside the door of the aeroplane and made zero attempts to actually close the umbrella himself, which isn't even lazy. It's just ignorant.

The situation was surreal and awkward to say the least and his critics had a field day mocking the president for his latest mishap.

Still, at least it was better than his previous effort with the complex and confusing device known as an umbrella.

HT Inquisitr

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