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Donald Trump delivered a sweaty rant from the White House lawn on Friday that called to mind the “mad as hell” speech from Network or Richard Nixon’s debate with John F. Kennedy.

In a wide-ranging diatribe that encompassed Hollywood, gun laws, black athletes, China and North Korea, the President had the biggest impact by virtue of the sweat dripping down his face.

Naturally, he was off for a round of golf as soon as he’d concluded the kind of deranged ranting you’d expect to encounter on the night bus.

The image of the dripping leader of the free world spewing invective on the grass was not the most pleasant sight and the internet reacted as you might expect.

According to the weather reports, temperatures reached a high of 33°C in Washington DC on Friday which is hot but not irregular for the United States at this time of year and Trump would have definitely experienced hotter climates in his time, so who knows why he was perspirating so much.

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