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Tommy Lee, the founding member of Mötley Crüe and erstwhile husband of Pamela Anderson, has shared an extraordinary rant about Donald Trump’s supporters on Twitter.

The message, originally shared anonymously online a year ago, warns of what will happen when liberals regain control of the White House.

It includes a host of immortal lines.

We’re going to tax your mega churches so bad Joel Olsteen will need to get a job at Chik Fil A to pay his light bill. Speaking of Chik Fil A, we’re buying all those and giving them to any LGBTQ person your sick cult leaders tortured with conversion therapy.

Guns will apparently be a thing of the past.

We’re going to gather up ALL of your guns, melt them down and turn them into a gargantuan metal mountain emblazoned with the face of Hillary Clinton.

Immigration will be welcomed, as per the words at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

Every single public school will be renamed after a child that was kidnapped by this regime. And after we fumigate the WH, we’re repainting the whole thing rainbow.

The conclusion of the diatribe is a work of art.

And every single time a Trumpster complains about any of the changes, we’re adding an openly gay character to a Disney movie.

This all comes days after Lee responded to those insisting he not tweet about politics.

The next person who tells me to stick to drumming and stay out of politics, I’m gonna come to ur house and shove my drumsticks up ur ass until you sneeze.

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