The White House started leaking during torrential rain and the jokes wrote themselves
Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Twitter

As President Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on Theresa May after it emerged that Britain’s US ambassador had called his administration “incompetent”, he had some fairly worrying leaks of his own to deal with.

Severe flash floods gripped Washington DC on Monday, leaving drivers stranded and underground stations inoperable.

The White House began to began to leak in several places, notably in the press office basement.

While there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Trump had his staff divert the flood water specifically into the press's laps, it would barely come as a surprise at this point.

While thankfully nobody has yet been reported injured, the torrential rain was as biblical in its symbolism as in its extent.

Some took it as proof that a key pledge during Trump's 2016 election campaign wasn't quite going to plan.

The jokes came thick and fast.

This CNBC Washington Correspondent, who reported the leak on Twitter, couldn't resist joining in either.

Given that Trump was busy decrying the Green New Deal and boasting of his record on the environment, as the US capital's streets were submerged in water, others didn't find the White House leak quite so funny.

In case there's any doubt as to his administration's environmental record, here's a story about how his staff have spent months burying any mention of climate change from press releases.

This spectacular sculpture seems to aptly sum it up.

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