The difference between Trump and Obama in two videos

The difference between Trump and Obama in two videos

Donald Trump's trip to Game 5 of the Major League Baseball's World Series on Sunday night, ended in embarrassment after he was booed by the fans in attendance.

The president was greeted with jeers and chants of 'Lock Him Up' by those in attendance at Nationals Park, which caused him to leave early. Although Melania did seem to enjoy the heckles.

The completely humiliating moment for the president is arguably the most notable incident of the public mocking him since he took office.

No doubt he'll be licking his wounds right now and thinking of a scathing thing to say on Twitter about the incident.

You can guarantee that he'll be even more furious when he sees how sports fans at a different event reacted when they were in the presence of Barack Obama.

The former president attended Game 2 of the NBA playoffs in June between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors and was given a huge ovation by the fans at the Scotiabank Arena.

By now, we really shouldn't be shocked to see Obama and Trump receiving very different reactions from the public but it is even more startling after Sunday's events in Washington especially when put side-by-side, which is exactly what comedy writer James Felton has done.

We could honestly watch that all day.

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