Tucker Carlson attacked John Fetterman over stroke and accidentally made him sound really cool

Tucker Carlson claims John Fetterman is ‘merging’ with a computer

In his relentless attacks against Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman, Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized him for using technology to help him process language.

Fetterman, 53, is the Democrat facing off against Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz to become Pennsylvania senator.

Fetterman's health has been a point of contention between the two because he suffered a stroke earlier this year which has caused delays in his language processing.

In recent interviews, Fetterman used closed captioning to help him process and understand language auditorily.

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Carlson referred to this as a "software program" that "takes words and rearranges them into language that John Fetterman can understand because his brain can no longer do that for him" on Wednesday night's episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

"Here you have one of the most famous politicians in the country merging with a computer," Carlson said.

He added that Fetterman's use of language-processing technology is a "thrilling moment" for "transhumanists".

But it seems the Fox News host's efforts to undermine Fetterman only made him sound cooler to people.

Carlson went on to insinuate that John Fetterman was somewhat robotic by saying his use of closed captioning could "raise some obvious questions" like "where exactly does the software end and John Fetterman's consciousness begin?"

Closed captioning is often used in television and movies to help audiences better understand the audio portion of something. A transcript of the audio will appear on the screen.

Recently, Dr. Oz and others have questioned his readiness for Senate given his recent stroke.

On Facebook Live, Fetterman addressed concerns saying, "The elephant in the room for a lot of folks is that I had a stroke, and there's no secret that sometimes I'm going to miss words, and sometimes I'm going to mush two words together. And that's the truth."

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