Pennsylvania official trolls Trump by confirming he got ‘100 per cent of the dead vote’

Pennsylvania official trolls Trump by confirming he got ‘100 per cent of the dead vote’

The state of Pennsylvania was subject to an incredibly close call in this year’s US election. So close in fact, that the state of Texas saw it fit to file a quickly dismissed Supreme Court case against them for being 'unconstitutional’. 

As it happens, the only known cases of voter fraud in the state of Pennsylvania are from people that voted for Donald Trump.

The state’s lieutenant governor John Fetterman, who has become a viral star in his own right, is taking great pleasure in making this known to those within the Republican party that insist on investigating voter fraud across the US.

He has gone as far as to say that Trump won ‘100 per cent of the dead mother vote’, after it was found that one man in the state registered two deceased relatives and is now facing charges for it.

Appearing on MSNBC, he said:

“The good news is that I can report from Pennsylvania is that Trump received 100 per cent of the dead mother vote here in our commonwealth during this last election. We’ve had three cases of voter fraud - three cases! Despite what the president tweeted out earlier today the only documented cases of voter fraud in Pennsylvania are those three cases."

This came after Donald Trump claimed more people voted in Pennsylvania than the total of it’s voter population.

He’s even calling on other governors to pay up, after one in Texas attempted to feed Trump’s narrative by offering up monetary compensation. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has been offering up to  $1 million of his own campaign funds for anybody that can provide evidence of voter fraud.

So far it has backfired as - shock horror - no Republicans have been able to come forward with concrete evidence that the election was stolen.

He said in the same interview that “my dude in Texas owes me big bank”, and theoretically, he does.

Fetterman will not let up, having tweeted several times about the matter, even meme-ing it in the process.

Pennsylvania ended up being one of the tightest states on November 3rd, with Joe Biden winning 50 per cent of the vote to Trump’s 48.8 per cent.

As inauguration day looms, it’s clear the Republican Party are fighting a losing battle when it comes to proving this election wasn’t democratic.

OK, Donald.

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