John Oliver Goes After Dr. Oz’s Senate Campaign on ‘Last Week Tonight’ ...

Dr. Mehmet Oz's opponent in the Pennsylvania senate race, John Fetterman, has no shortage of jokes minimizing Dr. Oz's political validity in the state. And it seems Dr. Oz doesn't have much of a comeback.

Fetterman, 52, and Dr. Oz, 62, are facing off as the Democratic and Republican candidates, respectively, in the race for Pennsylvania senator. Fetterman, a lifelong resident of the state and the current lieutenant governor has made Dr. Oz's lack of experience in Pennsylvania a key part of his campaign against Dr. Oz.

Having lived in the state of New Jersey for more than 10 years, Dr. Oz formally declared residence to Pennsylvania in 2020 before announcing his intent to run for senator.

Any opportunity Fetterman has to joke about Dr. Oz's longtime residence, he takes it.

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Currently, Fetterman's cover photo on Twitter is a mock design of Dr. Oz's campaign logo but says "Dr. Oz for NJ" rather than Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, after the state of Pennsylvania tweeted a bingo card with Pennsylvania customs, Fetterman tweeted his own Pennsylvania "beginners edition" with little drags at Dr. Oz

"Here's a *special* bingo card for some of our newer residents (particularly those from good ole NJ) NOT thinking of anyone in particular tho," he wrote.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oz has criticized Fetterman's ability to raise more campaign funds, posted a photoshopped pictures of Bernie Sanders with Fetterman, and tweeted memes about Fetterman's lack of formal public appearances.

Dr. Oz's attempt to burn Fetterman back through mockery and jokes online has led to some public interest in the two grown men's disses. And many agree, Fetterman is doing a better job.

Fetterman's jokes about Dr. Oz spending more time in New Jersey than Pennsylvania have gone viral multiple times. In on instance, Fetterman's campaign had Jersey Shore's Nicole "Snooki" make a Cameo for Dr. Oz emphasizing his time spent there.

People has taken a liking to Fetterman's creative and humorous way of making Dr. Oz seem like the less credible candidate. And while Dr. Oz has tried to clap back, it seems Fetterman is more popular, especially amongst Gen Z.

"John Fetterman will defeat Dr. Oz. Gen Z will make sure of it," Aaron Parnas tweeted.

"Can I just say John Fetterman is straight representing for Gen X. The millennials and Gen Z usually get the props for using social media. But Fetterman’s troll game is awesome. He makes me lol, when nothing else is funny about politics." A Twitter user wrote.

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