These two tweets from Biden and Trump show the stark difference between them

Trump’s excessive use of Twitter is unsurprising for anyone who’s been paying attention over the last couple of years.

But things have escalated recently, particularly as some of Trump’s tweets have been given fact-check warnings and public interest notices as of today. But a couple of months ago, Trump was still just tweeting as normal.

In October, Joe Biden tweeted about how underprepared America was for a pandemic. He was replying to a report from The Washington Post (pre Covid-19) about why the US was not equipped to handle a pandemic.

On the same day, Trump tweeted to Tim (presumably Tim Cook, CEO of Apple) that the button on the iPhone is better than the swipe. He was referring to the fact that the iPhone X has no home button

Biden tweeted screenshots of the two tweets on Thursday evening, with a caption.

To be fair, Trump has tweeted about iPhone design before.

It just seems to indicate that his priorities are probably quite different from Biden’s.

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