Struggling in the heatwave? This map shows all the London Tube lines with air conditioning

The first underground railway opened in 1870
The first underground railway opened in 1870

Unless you live in a cave, you'll be aware that Britain is currently in the grip of a heatwave, which is causing its weary commuters, especially those who have to get the Tube in London, rather a lot of discomfort.

Weather forecasters are predicting that temperatures in London are set to reach 38 degrees on Thursday, smashing the current record for a day in July, of 36.7 degrees, recorded at Heathrow Airport in 2015, reports the BBC.

So, what are we to do?

Fear not! One thoughtful Twitter user named Geoff Marshall has helped us all out, by creating a map that outlines exactly which Tube lines are air-conditioned, for your travelling pleasure.

Sharing his handiwork on Twitter, he wrote:

So with temperatures at 33C today, 34C tomorrow and 37C (!!) in London on Thursday - it's time to roll out what i produced last year, and that's the Air Conditioned Map of London! Please feel free to RT ...

So, are you curious which lines you'll be able to ride on without breaking into a sweat?

  • The four 'S-Stock' trains, which are the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City, and Metropolitan lines.

However, it's not just the Tube that you can ride whilst keeping your cool. He's also assisted with the tram, Overground, and a couple of the TfL rail lines, too.

  • The London Overground, excluding lines from Liverpool Street or the Emerson Park branch, are fully air-cooled (not air-conditioned), but, they're great in the heat.
  • TfL Rail between Paddington and Hayes & Harlington, as well as in the east, between Liverpool Street and Shenfield, are properly air-conditioned. 
  • Make sure not to forget the trams! Yes, there are actually trams in London. The newer ones in Croydon and the surrounding area are air-conditioned. Hurrah! 

Well, there you have it. Travel in London whilst keeping your cool... what more could you want?

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