Boris Johnson is about to become the prime minister as Britain heads towards the hottest day of the year so far.

Despite a long history of mistakes, offensive comments and general incompetence, Johnson is set to hold the most powerful office in the country.

Meanwhile, the UK could see its hottest day ever recorded this week (currently 38.5C from August 2003) as temperatures are predicted to hit 38C on Thursday.

So the country is on fire both politically and environmentally now…

And a lot of people were drawing a link between the apocalyptic combination of sweltering heat and a Johnson government.

If you’re feeling masochistic, you can take a look back at some of the most offensive things Johnson has said so far or what his own colleague Rory Stewart thinks of him.

Last year, the Met Office said that heatwaves like the one expected this week are about 30 times more likely than normal due to human-induced climate change.

However, Johnson has consistently voted against measures to prevent climate change and recently told Extinction Rebellion protesters to go “lecture China” instead of the UK government on global warming.

He will take over as the prime minister on Wednesday after Theresa May steps down.

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