US student pays just $80 after Taiwan hospital visit and Americans have lots of questions

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Being ill always sucks but being ill in another country, where you are unfamiliar with their healthcare system, is both worrying and filled with uncertainty.

That's unfortunately what happened to 25-year-old American student Kevin Bozeat, whilst he was visiting Taiwan when he came down with a bad case of vomiting and stomach pains.

As he was rushed to ER he feared what would happen as he was aware that is US healthcare insurance had run out and that he didn't qualify for the local treatment.

However, a short spell in the hospital and an easy dose of treatment and medication he was discharged and felt right as rain. Still, there was a lingering thought in the back of his head of what bill he would arrive home to.

Yet, he needn't have had any concerns as he was billed for just $80. He decided to document the experience and compliment the hospital in a Facebook post, which has since gone viral.

The post, which has been shared more than 200,000 times, has attracted a lot of interest as people in the US were perplexed as to how cheap a trip like this to the hospital could be.

Worth bearing in mind that the average cost of a trip to ER for a patient in the US costs around $2,168, which is astronomical compared to $80.

With questions flooding into his inbox, Bozeat shared another post about the healthcare system in Taiwan which exemplified just how badly American citizens are exploited by their current system.

Others have been sharing similar stories with Bozeat and they will make you think twice about the healthcare system that you currently have (as long as you are reading this outside of the US).

Picture: Facebook

Picture: Facebook

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