This Walmart customer admitted he steals from them all the time. Their response was perfect

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Saturday 23 June 2018 12:15

You have to be careful these days when replying to a company's social media account, because the staffer behind the keyboard has the ability to roast you in front of millions at a moment's notice.

If you want proof of this, we need only direct you to Wendy's Twitter account, which is famous for its snide comments and hilarity.

But it looks like there's a new horse in this race; introducing Walmart's Twitter account.

Twitter user @Murk361 thought he'd found an easy mark with Walmart when the exchange occurred, beginning with this innocuous opener:

It was at this moment Murk thought he'd bested the giant corporation in true David and Goliath fashion.

His tweet was liked m,ore than 80,000 times, but then a few hours later Walmart answered in the best possible way:

Ouch. American retail corporation 1-0 random Twitter user.


People on Twitter unsurprisingly loved it.

Twitter is quickly becoming an archive for the parabolic stories of the modern age.

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