Presenting the world's worst design fail

Louis Dor
Thursday 05 January 2017 15:15
Picture:(Washington Post Express/Twitter/screengrab)

The Washington Post Express has published a front cover that is certainly eye catching. Unfortunately it's because people suspect they have made a rather large error.

The Express, a free daily from the Washington Post, tweeted their front cover for today's issue. The main image of which focuses on a story about women marching in Washington against Donald Trump's presidency the day after his inauguration, in support of women's rights.

The confusing part is that the image they've used to illustrate this takes the form of the male symbol, not the female.

Understandably, people on Twitter are replying with incredulity.

People also suspect that the Washington Post Express will be issuing a statement claiming that the cover was not an error, but some sort of intentional argument.

We're not sure how credible such a statement would be to the pitchfork-in-hand mob on Twitter currently.

As the favourite and RT count on these tweets exhibit.

All in all, it's a bit of a case for despair, apparently.

indy100 has contacted Washington Post Express for comment.

Update: January 5, 2017 1600 GMT

Washington Post Express have since tweeted an apology, with an updated cover featuring the female symbol.

They wrote on Twitter:

We made a mistake on our cover this morning and we’re very embarrassed. We erroneously used a male symbol instead of a female symbol.

This is how the cover should have looked. We apologize for the mistake.

However, one Twitter user has quickly pointed out:

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