This woman lost 10 stone - and men stopped asking her out


Kelly Glover, a blogger who frequently wrote about her life being 'plus-size', lost 67 kilograms and noticed that suddenly men had stopped asking her out.

Writing for website Mamamia, Glover, the author of Big Curvy Love, related that after dropping down from size 24 to size 18, her male suitors appeared to evaporate.

After losing 67 kilograms, I was half expecting a romantic comedy montage-style life of never-ending meet cutes with dates scheduled back-to-back all weekend long — but nope.

When I lived in Hollywood, men would literally chase me down the street just to speak with me...I’d get asked out at the supermarket, at the gym, in the Uber car pool, and even once while I was behind the barrier of a police standoff (yes, really).

According to Glover, she asked a male friend, who (apparently speaking on behalf of all men) attributed the change to the idea that 'people' are more confident chatting up larger women.

Specifically he said 'well people are more confident hollering at fat chicks...they feel like there is less chance of they are more bold'.

The response disgusted her, which led her to write for Mammamia.

To be clear, it’s not that I need to be asked out by men in order to make me feel good about myself. It’s just that I noticed a big change since losing a massive amount of weight and between you and me, I had no idea why this was happening. That had been the only thing that about me that had changed.

She went on to debunk the 'fat chicks are easy' myth.

I can confirm is complete bull. You think fat chicks are easy? Go ahead and try to persuade a big girl you’re really into her and see how that works out for you. Good luck with that. Truly pursuing a fat chick isn’t a sprint, it’s a freaking marathon!

Concluding her post to Mammamia, Glover resolved to stop waiting for men to chase her on the street, and decided download a dating app.

She writes about her romantic adventures for her latest project '50 Fat Dates'.

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