West Yorkshire police officers have been shaming homeless people on Twitter

Louis Dor
Friday 14 August 2015 10:00

West Yorkshire Police has been forced to apologise after shaming a homeless couple who were living in a car after seizing their uninsured vehicle.

Officers tweeted a picture of the couple on Thursday after seizing the car the day before.

The image showed them carrying their possessions away from the vehicle, captioned with the hashtag #luggagewalkofshame.

The responses to the tweet, which has since been deleted, were disapproving. @MuttonJeff2 tweeted:

And did you offer advice as to where they may receive assistance for their situation or just amuse yourself with dim-witted hashtags[?]

Another, Ste Armstrong, tweeted: "So now you've made them homeless? How funny! You should be ashamed of yourselves."

A subsequent tweet depicting another homeless person living out of a car, captioned with the hashtag #carinsurancenothomeinsurance, has also since been deleted.

West Yorkshire Police apologised for the tweet.

This is clearly an inappropriate tweet which we have immediately removed from our Twitter account, and we are looking into the circumstances as to why it has been posted.

Regardless of any offences people have committed they still deserve their human dignity and we would apologise for the offence this has caused.

H/T Huddersfield Examiner

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