What Ed Miliband forgot to say

Ed Miliband forgot a section of his planned speech yesterday that would have dealt with the key issue of the economy.

The Labour leader pioneered the practice of delivering a long speech to the party conference entirely from memory, which in the past has been hailed an impressive feat. But this time, alert listeners spotted that a set of words included in the advance publicity for the speech which did not appear in the final version, though it was on the party’s website.

This is what it would have said:

We will get the deficit down.

The next Labour government will deal with our nation’s debts. And it is because government won’t have the money to spend, it is more important than ever that everyone does their bit so we change Britain together.

One Nation Labour has changed from New Labour — businesses have a responsibility to pay their taxes, respect their customers and treat their workers fairly.

Because together we can and on our own we can’t. Those who can work have a responsibility to do so. Because together we can and on our own we can’t.

Immigration benefits our country but those who come here have a responsibility to learn English and earn their way. And employers have a responsibility not to exploit migrant workers and undercut wages.

Because together we can and on our own we can’t. Government, business, working people acting together. Living up to their responsibilities. A new ethic. A national effort. Labour’s plan for Britain’s future.

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