What happens when you show people an old iPhone and tell them it's an iPhone 7

iPhone 7… iPhone 6… what’s the difference?

After months of rumour and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled details of the hotly-awaited iPhone 7. The next generation of the iPhone will be waterproof, come with massive amounts of storage (up to 256gb, the same as an IPad Pro), improved stereo speakers, and an improved dual-lens camera.

Controversially, Apple has also announced that the new iPhone will not include a headphone jack, which has already led to a lot of backlash online.

But are the differences between the new model and the previous generation really enough to entice customers into an upgrade? Can people really tell the difference between the new iPhone and the older versions? Or would people just assume that an expensive upgrade means a dramatic change in quality?

We took to the streets of London to find out what people thought of the iPhone 7. The catch? They were shown an old iPhone 6...

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