Here's what the papers have to say about the proposed EU reforms deal

David Cameron will talk MPs through the draft EU reform deal he struck in Brussels at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday.

But judging by this morning's papers, it isn't going to be easy:

Cameron is likened to Noel Edmonds by The Independent and mocked up as Captain Mainwaring of Dad's Army by The Sun.

While many details have yet to be decided, the main gist of the deal is that it doesn't live up to the PM's promise to Eurosceptics on curbing immigration, safeguards against eurozone country decisions and limiting benefits for non-British EU citizens.

On the other hand, lots of people in Europe aren't happy about the proposals either: Politico reports that several governments, including Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria and Malta have called the measures discriminatory.

Several other states have pointed out that the idea of a an emergency break and other concessions Britain is arguing for should apply equally to all member states.

One in five voters are still undecided about whether the UK should remain in the EU in the upcoming membership referendum.

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