What you need to know about 2014 in 9 charts

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 29 December 2014 16:40

1. Firstly, politics. This is the percentage of Scottish people who voted to leave the United Kingdom in September's independence referendum:


2. As Ipsos Mori notes, this was the year Ukip gained credibility

3. Across the board, smaller parties' memberships are increasing

4. And the three main parties all lost support

Note this was the year Ukip overtook the Lib Dems.

5. Meanwhile, this is what happened to living standards for the poorest workers

6. Away from the UK, this is the human toll of the Ebola outbreak in west Africa

7.Scientists are now 99.999 per cent certain climate change is caused by humans

8. 2014 was the year we learned the public is wrong about nearly everything...

9. ...Which may explain why people were more interested in the iPhone 6 than God

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