Here's which way Britain's newspapers want you to vote in the EU referendum

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 22 June 2016 12:00
Photo: Getty/Daniel Sorabji

If there's one thing the public love, it's being lectured by "the media". So why not compile all of these shouty headlines about the referendum, into one mega-media-fog-horn-of-national-news.

Sunday was the last chance for the weekend papers to encourage their subscribers how to vote on Thursday. Many took the same line as their sister papers, yet interestingly the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday both broke with the stances taken by their daily editions.

For Remain:

Mail on Sunday

Daily Mirror

The Times

The Financial Times

The Guardian

The Observer

The New Statesman

The Economist

For Leave:

The Sun

The Sunday Times

The Daily Telegraph

The Sunday Telegraph

The Daily Mail

The Daily Express

The Specator (Weekly)

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