While Labour's future hangs in the balance, the TUC is actually inviting members to play Pokémon Go

It seems that even politics cannot stop Pokémon Go.

Jeremy Corbyn’s future as Labour party leader is precarious, having lost the support of the parliamentary party, some voters, and some party members, but clinging to the support of union leaders and around half of party members.

The majority of trade unions are expected to have a representative at today's national executive committee; however, their umbrella organisation seems to have other things on their mind: Pokéballs.

The TUC advertised its Pokéstop status in a decidedly opportunistic social media strategy.

If catching Pokémon weren’t enough of an incentive to visit the TUC, they have also promised a free doughnut to the first 12 players who pop inside the building and say hello.

Response to the tweet has been mixed. Some told the organisation they have greater problems, presumably the ballot nominations for the Labour leadership election.

Or other reasons...

The TUC defended their tweet, however. When asked by a respondent their press office claimed that it was a “proud day”.

One Twitter user agreed, seeing this as a great opportunity to engage young people with the trade union movement:

Pokémon Go took less than six hours to reach the top of the download charts on the US app store and has reportedly made more than $14 million since its launch on 5 July.

Players have also been accessing the game in the UK:

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