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That moment of clarity where you realise you’re way better off out of your previous relationship is worth all of the evenings spent crying into pizza.

So if you're going through a breakup right now, we have the perfect support for you.

A group of people have taken to anonymous confession website Whisper to share their moment of closure and sweet, sweet relief.

Here are some of the best:

1. Terrifying TV

[I] Saw my ex on an episode of Cops. I dodged a bullet for sure.

2. Political scandal

Found out my ex voted for Trump… Never been more glad we broke up.

3. Money matters

Got a bank statement for my ex. So glad we broke up. She is too old to be that shitty with money.

4. Keeping it classy

My ex got matching name tattoos with her fiancé of three months.

5. Straight for the rubbish heap

My ex-boyfriend feared his future kids would turn out gay/lesbian. Thank God we broke up.

6. Lucky escape

I re-read screenshots from the end of my last relationship. I didn’t realise how insane and borderline abusive my ex was at the time – so glad to say I’m at least ten times happier now.

7. When one window opens

I ran into my ex, who casually mentioned that he was high from Windex. I’m so glad I ended that relationship.

8. Attention tension

My ex-boyfriend thinks I “got cancer” to get his attention. Yes I gave myself cancer so you would pay attention to me. I’m so glad we broke up.

9. Drunken mistake

On a friend’s Snapchat I saw my ex so drunk he was unconscious and had dicks drawn on his face… While I’m over here planning my wedding. Oh boy, I dodged a bullet. He hasn’t changed.

If you're really still, and really quiet, you can just about hear the collective sigh of relief.

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