These incredibly creepy stories might put you off dating forever

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Monday 26 December 2016 11:15
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First dates are the epitome of a win-lose situation: They're either brilliant, or just plain weird.

If they do turn out weird though, at least you've got an entertaining story to tell.

People have posted to Whisper to share the moment they realised their date was going to become nothing more than a dinner party anecdote:

1. The weird skin guy

He kept complimenting my skin. Like four + times, he interrupted to tell me I have great skin. I felt like I was on a date with Buffalo Bill.

​​2. From normal to extraterrestrial

He was so good looking and “normal” until we went back to his place, where he told me the aliens were giving him signals that were telling him my alien name and true alien identity.

3. The broody guy

He touched my stomach and said “The place of my future children”. There was no second date.​

4. Small-talk gone dark

When he said “Oh no we are walking down a dark street… What if I kidnap you for ever”.​

5. The stalker

When he said he liked the flowers on my windowsill and has never been to my house.​

6. The goodnight kiss

He told me I reminded him of his sister… After he kissed me goodnight.​

7. The 100-miles-an-hour guy

Being called his new girlfriend five minutes into the first date.​

8. The all-rounder

His jeans completely covered his shoes. He paid for a photo of us “For our grandchildren”. He told me the movie started three hours earlier than it did. F**king weird guy. Kissed me on my nose.​

9. Never 'meating' again

He said, “If you were my daughter I would force you to eat meat”. I’m a vegetarian. We were friends for five years before that date. First date he wanted to change me. Forcefully.

10. The guy who somehow made it through the first date

Asked if I liked to be choked during sex in public, on the second date.​

11. The one-man show

He started talking through his hand like a puppet.

12. The 200-mile-an-hour guy

He said “I love you”. It was our first date and we barely knew each other.

13. The creepiest moment in history

A guy cutting his fingernails while smiling, then saying, “I’m getting ready for later”.

Almost makes you want to give up on dating all together, right?

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