White couple call the police on man for writing 'Black Lives Matter' in chalk outside his home
Screengrab: Twitter

In the latest incident of viral awfulness, a white couple have been filmed confronting a man for drawing “Black Lives Matter” in chalk on a wall outside his home.

Despite the fact that the man insisted he’s lived in the San Francisco neighbourhood for 18 years, the woman filmed in the video refuses to believe that it’s his home.

The woman has since been identified as Lisa Alexander, CEO of skincare company LA Face. The person who posted the video wrote on Twitter that the couple called the police on him.

The couple then accuses the man of “illegal” activity and say they’re going to call the cops. Juanillo then moved the lens over to his “Black Lives Matter” chalk mural and says:

And that, people, is why Black Lives Matter.

Over the last few weeks, Black Lives Matter murals have sprung up across the world. Juanillo later said that the police showed up but knew he was a resident of the house so didn’t cause any trouble. But it’s extremely worrying that someone would feel empowered to call them over something like this. Juanillo describes himself as a "person of colour" in the clip, so it's unsurprising people have reacted so strongly to it, particularly in the current climate.

Following the viral clip, beauty company Birchbox said that it would be cutting ties with LA Face following its CEO’s filmed actions.

Be better everyone, please!

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