White couple sues fertility clinic after giving birth to Asian baby

A couple is suing a fertility clinic after giving birth to an Asian baby - despite them both being white.

The pair, who have since divorced, say they paid $500,000 to the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS) in New Jersey, although IRMS disputes the figure, and says it was closer to 10 per cent of the amount claimed.

Kristina Koedderich and her now ex-husband, Drew Wasilewski, say that they opted for in-vitro fertilisation using his sperm.

The process was originally successful and Koedderich gave birth to a baby girl in July 2013. But the parents realised something had gone wrong when their child started developing Asian features.

They decided to do a DNA test, which proved that Wasilewski was not the father.

Last month, a judge ordered the clinic to release the names of all the people using the fertility services, which could help identify the child's father, as well as any other children who were potentially conceived using Wasilewski's sperm.

IRMS said the order "has broad implications potentially affecting many more people than the immediate parties involved”.

The parents claim that the mix-up caused them “great pain, suffering, permanent injuries and disabilities, as well as the loss of enjoyment of the quality of life,” and are seeking financial compensation.

IRMS told indy100: "We are thoroughly examining the alleged incident, which is said to have occurred in 2012. As patient privacy is core to what we do, we do not comment specifically on individual patient matters.”

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