The mysterious 'smoking boy' of Bursa
The mysterious 'smoking boy' of Bursa

Turkish football fans watching a friendly match between Bursaspor and Fenerbahce on TV on Sunday were alarmed when a cameraman picked out a child smoking a cigarette in the stands of the stadium.

The incident was spotted by viewers of the charity game, which took place during the international break, as the players warmed up.

The camera zoomed in on two young boys in green striped home shirts, one of whom was brazenly flouting the public smoking ban.

The mysterious smoking boy of BursaSmoking in public is banned in Turkey and lawbreakers commonly face 69 lira fines

After the match - which Bursa won 2-1 - concerned parents began to share the clip across Twitter in a bid to uncover the identity of the "smoking boy".

They succeeded - and, in a twist ending worthy of M Night Shyamalan, the smoker proved not to be a "boy" at all.

He was a 36-year-old man! Not only that, he was the father of the lad sat next to him.

Despite the reports and rumours the man, or child, in the video is yet to be fully identified meaning this story might never reach a logical conclusion.

Hard to draw anything other from this strange episode than that smoking must be good for your health.

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