'Stupid f****** Mexican': White man caught on camera in racist rant against truck driver

'Stupid f****** Mexican': White man caught on camera in racist rant against truck driver

In the latest episode of the seemingly unending series 'racist white people', a man has apologised after his racist rant against a truck driver was captured in now-viral footage.

The man is seen talking on the phone, presumably to the police, and screams derogatory language and berates the truck driver several times in the clip, filmed in California.

In the video, the white man alleges that the truck driver backed into his parked vehicle. The incident occurred outside of a Barnes and Noble in North Fresno, Fox26 reports.

Talking on the phone, he says "get the f***ing police out here" before turning to the driver and continuing:

Stupid motherf***er. Man, you pay attention?

You're driving aren't you? Are you a f***ing maniac or something? Are you f***ing stupid?

I ought to ship your f***ing a** back home wherever you're from.

In response, the driver says "excuse me, I'm American as much as you are" to which the irate man replies, "oh f*** off, you ain't no American".

He then says "you're a f***ing beaner, motherf***er" and calls the driver 'a stupid f***ing Mexican who can't drive anyway'.

When asked by the driver whether he is racist, the man says:

I'm a racist because of your stupid f***ing ass. You pig, f***ing buck.

The driver started filming to protect himself after the man approached him already screaming and yelling, his daughter Nicola Gonzalez told Fox26. She said:

Even if an accident did occur that doesn't give him the right to talk to someone like that.

The man, named as Dan Kuehne, has apologised for his 'actions and choice of words' on Facebook.

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