A white woman has been filmed shouting racist and homophobic insults and claiming to have killed the rapper Tupac Shakur at a black man in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The incident was captured and shared on Instagram by John Andrew Taylor, who had just dropped his sister off when he was suddenly subjected to the expletive-ridden tirade.

Warning: the following video contains very strong language that some may find offensive.

The apparently unprovoked rant begins with the woman, who has now been dubbed 'crosswalk Cathy', screaming in the direction of Taylor, who was in his car.

You motherf***er. Go for it you f**king n****r piece of s**t. You're supposed to be in Oakland, n****r.

The woman then starts to walk away as Taylor drives off, but then does a U-turn and starts to walk back towards him and continues to shout.

Tupac is dead. I killed him. I put a bullet through the f***er's head. I sure did. He is a dead f***ing n****r.

He is an ugly f***ing homosexual rapist f***ing n****r. Just like you, f***er.

Although Taylor seems shocked by what he has just heard he manages to find something amusing in the altercation, saying to the camera, "and, that's how you make someone famous".

The video which was posted online three days ago has since been viewed more than 3,000 times on Instagram.

Speaking to the Phoenix New Times, Taylor admitted that although he has to endure racism every day, he has never experienced anything as blatant as this.

I was shocked. I have never in my life had someone had the gumption and the audacity to come out and say something like this. Not directly to my face, at least.

Taylor admitted that he was laughing at the end of the video as he had realised that Tupac, who died in 1996, had been shot in the chest and not the head, so she clearly didn't know what she was talking about that.

However, Taylor, who has served in the army, has defended the woman's rights to say what she did and that the abuse he received was not reported to the police.

That lady had every right to say what she did say. While I was in the military, that’s what I fought to protect.

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