White woman filmed 'harassing' Black teenagers in a park because she thought they were 'making gang signs'

White woman filmed 'harassing' Black teenagers in a park because she thought they were 'making gang signs'

A white woman accused a group of Black teenagers enjoying a day out at the park of being part of a "gang" in a bizarre rant.

A video of the woman approaching the teenagers and telling them "we don't need any f*cking gangs around here" resurfaced on Reddit.

She also accused one of the young men of throwing gang signs – he was actually swatting a fly away from his face.

Elsewhere during the video, the woman repeatedly asks the teenagers where they live, to which one of them responds that he lives in The Highlands like she does.

Another asks "do you think we're too Black to be living here?".

The woman responds "absolutely not! My grandchildren are Black".

But it has been interpreted from the rest of the footage that the woman might regard the teenagers as a threat simply because of their race.

Despite the fact that she was the one to approach the group, the woman says:

I've got grandchildren, I don't need anybody hurting them. 

What are you going to do to me? I'm not afraid. I'm a school bus driver, I'm not afraid. 

She also struggles to come up with a coherent answer when asked what her problem with them actually is.

You were posing for pictures!

And... someone keeps breaking the damn basketball net! 

The teenagers react to the situation with humour, at one point telling the woman "don't watch no more TV".

Reddit users applauded the boys' handling of the incident.

One wrote:

"Do not watch no more tv", greatest line ever.

Another commented:

Call the cops! The highlands got gangs of polite kids loitering in the grass enjoying their summer!

And another summed the situation up perfectly.

Black people in the park = gang. White people in the park = picnic.

It is not entirely clear where the video was filmed, but it is likely to have been in The Highlands, North Carolina. The video was filmed in 2019.

It is, sadly, just one of many of people harassing strangers simply for existing while Black.

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