A podcast has claimed it may have recording of Banksy’s voice

A podcast has claimed it may have recording of Banksy’s voice
Banksy artwork in Kyiv protected by new security measures after attempted theft

A new BBC podcast claims to reveal mysterious British artist Banksy's voice.

The Banksy Story features a 2005 recording from the All Things Considered news show on the NPR (National Public Radio) station, which was broadcast in the US and featured the supposed voice of someone claiming to be the artist.

“We assume that you are who you say you are, but how can we be sure?” asked the host, to which the person claiming to be Banksy reples: “Oh, you have no guarantee of that at all.”

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Next, they talk about his upcoming exhibition in the Met that happened at the time and upon finding the clip, in the podcast, the BBC host sounds delighted.

“Is this Banksy’s actual, actual voice?” he asked. “I don’t know … but if it is him, it’s the first time we’ve ever heard him!”

Last month, Banksy announced his first official solo exhibition for 14 years.

The show, which will feature work from right across his career, is called 'CUT & RUN: 25 years card labour' and will run at Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art from Sunday.

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