Whole world heard my daughter, says mother of Ukrainian child singing in bunker
Amelia Anisovych with her mother Lilia and father Roman (Lilia Anisovych/PA)

The mother of a Ukrainian child who went viral online after singing a Disney song while sheltering from Russian bombs has said she is safe.

Seven-year-old Amelia Anisovych was filmed singing Let It Go from the film Frozen in her native tongue while sheltering in an underground bunker in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

According to her mother Lilia Anisovych, the girl has left the country and is now staying in Poland with her grandmother and her brother, Misha.

“I am very glad that the whole world heard my daughter,” Ms Anisovych told the PA news agency.

Amelia Anisovych with her mother and fatherAmelia with her mother Lilia and father Roman (Lilia Anisovych/PA)

“She sang as the voice of all the children of Ukraine. We hope to be heard in all parts of the world.

“We hope that they will help us and our children will stop dying from the murders of Russian soldiers.”

Ms Anisovych and her husband Roman were separated from their children and have remained in the Ukrainian capital following the Russian invasion a fortnight ago.

She said the couple decided to stay to defend their country.

“It is dangerous everywhere in Ukraine. All Ukrainians are fighting now, this is our job,” she said.

However, the mother-of-two added that she hopes to join her family in Poland “in the coming days”.

Amelia AnisovychAmelia is now staying in Poland with her grandmother and her brother, Misha. (Lilia Anisovych/PA)

The video of Amelia singing was originally posted online by Facebook user Marta Smekhova, who had permission from Ms Anisovych.

Alongside the original post, Ms Smekhova wrote that she had spoken to the little girl after spotting her drawing “bright pictures” in the dim light of the shelter.

Translated from Ukrainian to English by Google, her post read: “From the first word there was complete silence in the bomb shelter.

“Everyone put aside their work and listened to a song performed by this girl who just radiated light.

“Even the men couldn’t hold back their tears.”

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