Why Al Murray versus Nigel Farage isn't quite a done deal yet

Al Murray has announced plans to stand against Nigel Farage in May's general election in his guise as the pub landlord. But it's not a done deal quite yet.

Murray said he will stand for his new party, the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP). However, a spokesperson for the Electoral Commission told i100.co.uk FUKP is not yet an officially registered political party.

While the comedian ostensibly has until April 9 to register with the Electoral Commission, it recommends he does so sooner rather than later as it has to complete a series of checks before potential parties can go on the organisation's official register.

Should Murray not register in time, it should be easy enough to stand as an independent by contacting the returning officer for the local authority looking after the election, which in this case is Thanet council.

The deadline for this is also April 9. All he would need for that is a deposit of £500 and the signatures of 10 registered votes in the constituency. A spokesperson for Thanet council told i100.co.uk it was not aware of any applications from Murray to stand in South Thanet at this stage.

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