Why David Cameron will secretly be supporting the Greens in the next election

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Sunday 16 November 2014 17:50
David Cameron of "greenest government ever" fame

In his column for the Independent on Sunday today, the paper's chief political commentator John Rentoul assesses the growth in popularity of the Green Party and what it means for the build-up to next year's general election.

The Greens were on an average of six per cent in last week's opinion polls and Mr Rentoul explains that their rise may just be a good thing for David Cameron.

By John Rentoul

Without wanting to be rude to Ms Bennett and her colleagues, the party's recent success has been caused by Ed Miliband rather than a sudden re-awakening of eco-consciousness in the British voter...

The Greens are, as one of the Prime Minister's officials observed with something close to glee, "a smaller version of Ukip on the left".

This official has a professional interest in the Greens's success twice over. First, because the Greens are taking votes from Labour, thus making it more likely that David Cameron will stay in No. 10.

Just as Cameron warns Tory leaners that if they vote Farage they will get Miliband, he knows that if Labour leaners vote Bennett they may get him.

Second, the Prime Minister has an interest in the Greens because they help him to confuse the question of the television debates.

I assume that Cameron does not want the debates to happen because they could help Miliband to gain status and exceed expectations.

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