These people revealed exactly why they wanted to cheat on their partners


People cheat for all sorts of reasons – but what makes people consider cheating in the first place?

People took to anonymous confessions website Whisper to share their stories.

Sometimes it’s physical:

I feel so guilty for even considering cheating, I just don’t know how to get my physical needs taken care of.

Sex with my bf is awful. It’s the same thing every time. Bad kissing, almost zero foreplay. It makes me want to cheat, but he’s such a good person.

I’m 23 and stuck in a marriage that is missing what I need most: passion, romance and sex. I’m considering cheating and it scares me.

Sometimes it’s emotional neglect, or being cheated on:

When my boyfriend doesn’t pay attention to me I feel like cheating on him.

My husband doesn’t want me. I feel like cheating on him just so he knows that somebody wants me.

I am seriously considering cheating on my wife. She is a miserable person to be around but I don’t want to leave because of our son.

My boyfriend has cheated on me so many times that it makes me want to cheat.

Or distance:

I have a long-distance girlfriend, and sometimes I consider cheating on her because it’s so hard to be physically alone. But then I talk to her on the phone, and it’s like ‘why would I ever risk the best thing to ever happen to me?’

And sometimes, it’s something else entirely:

Being completely faithful for years and constantly accused of cheating makes me want to cheat but I won’t.

My wife is worried about me leaving her, and that makes me want to cheat on her. I don’t know why.

My depression makes me want to cheat with someone who doesn’t already know how broken I am.

I want a baby so bad I’m considering cheating on my husband to get pregnant.

Having kids makes me want to cheat on my wife.

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