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Johanna Watkins is married, but if she goes near her husband, she could be risking her life.

The 29-year-old from Minnesota has a severe form of a disorder called mast cell activation syndrome, which means she is allergic to almost everything, including chemicals, the outdoors, dust and most people’s scents, and so far she hasn't responded to any treatment.

Her allergic reactions range from rashes, bone pain, losing consciousness and anaphylactic shock, according to Fox 9.

She lives with her husband at a friends’ house, while the couple's own home is being renovated for Johanna.

But Johanna lives in a sealed room upstairs by herself, with air purifiers.

Her allergies are so severe that the friends don’t cook in the house; she can only drink water, and is allergic to most foods. She has been eating the same two meals for the past year.

She only leaves for medical appointments and emergencies.

She told Fox9:

As soon as that door opens, I can feel it.

My body goes into complete attack mode.

It feels like my body is waging war on itself. My throat automatically tightens.

It kind of feels like Darth Vader doing a choke hold.

Johanna told the BBC the couple have date nights, where they watch a show in separate rooms at the same time, and text each other while they’re watching it.

The only people Johanna isn't allergic to are her brother and sister, who visit her once a week.

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