Woman hands herself in after being caught abandoning four dogs

Viral Hog/ YouTube/ Screengrab

Earlier this month a woman in San Antonio, Texas, was caught trying to dump four dogs by the side of a road.

Footage shared by the YouTube channel Viral Hogshows a woman forcibly trying to eject the four pets from her vehicle.

However, a passerby and a good Samaritan, who dedicates her spare time to helping rescue dogs, tried to intervene and prevent what was happening.

While recording what was taking place, the woman explains that the dogs can be lawfully dropped off at a local animal care shelter without any repercussions.

Unfortunately, her attempts to reason with the other woman were unsuccessful and the dogs were sadly abandoned.

Watch footage of the incident below.

According to Viral Hog, the incident took place on 13 April. Speaking to the channel, the woman who filmed the incident said:

I was getting ready for work when I spotted a car at a dead end road removing collars from within the car [sic].

I put my shoes on quickly and ran out to the road and started recording the act. I am tired of people doing this continuously in the area.

I recorded to educated and advise them to do the right thing.

The woman in the video responded back for directions to the animal care services and yet decided to commit the illegal activity as directed by driver, who then backed out and [the] back seat passenger flipped me off.

Luckily, there was a happy end to this story.

After authorities were informed about the dogs and the illegal activity that had led to their abandonment, three of them were found and delivered to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services.

My San Antonioreports that two of the dogs have already been adopted.

As for the woman who illegally dumped the dogs, she reportedly turned herself in at the animal shelter after the video was shared on social media.

After a change of heart, she surrendered herself and gave a statement. The following day she returned to the shelter and delivered the fourth dog after finding it in the same wooded area.

According to Texas law, an individual who is found guilty of abandoning an animal could be sentenced up to 12 months in jail and face a fine of $4,000.

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