Woman hit with sexist comment after she applied for landscaping job – but she replies in the best way

A woman who was hit with a sexist response after she applied for a landscaping job has replied in the most brilliant way.

Posting on Twitter, the woman’s brother shared the exchange, in which a company member named Mark claimed she would not be able to handle the job.

“Unless you are a bodybuilder I fear that you will not be able to handle the workload,” he wrote.

He added that the job was “very physical and demanding” but advised her to get back in touch if she was “up for it”.

The woman, Charlotte, replied saying she was no longer interested in the position due to his response. She said: “Funnily enough, I probably have just as much experience bodybuilding as you do, which I’m guessing is none.”

She went on to describe her multiple years of experience including building in Australia, “in 40 degree heat” to point out the flaws in Mark’s points.

She added: “I have looked into your company before sending this email and assure you that it would be no more challenging than the work I have completed before as it was to a much higher standard than the work I’ve seen your ‘company’ produce.”

She said she didn’t want to work with “small-minded individuals such as yourself that I could probably bench press five minutes after being woken up from a three-year coma.”

She concluded: “I’m sure you will have no problem finding the correct individual at your next visit to the bodybuilding convention.” Before signing off the email as, “Charlotte (AKA not the body builder).”

Responding to her, people on social media thought her response was brilliant:


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